Everybody's skin is way to thin nowadays, with a couple of exceptions.  Allot of people are easily offended. I think it's kinda funny. They all grew up and where told that they where special. I'm sorry to say that you are not. Humans are all the same, nobody is better than one other. Well to think about it, we are all special if you like to see it in a brighter light.

try not to be offended you are only hurting yourself.

When we are talking about this mess we are currently in. makes me wish everybody was colorblind, wouldn't that be easy?

everybody matters, or no one does. and frankly you don't. Harden the fuck up and fight/work your ways up the ranks. You will have to participate in this economic system where you reward yourself with the work you have done. Don't give up either. You haven't come this far to stop.

Don't forget that social media is the cancer of society

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